The IST IntraKit system can revolutionize your company communications. The IntraKit is developed in a modular format, with components that utilize Macromedia-Allaire's ColdFusion software, Microsoft's ASP technologies, and Java applets.

No HTML experience is needed! Your employees can use these modules quickly and easily; and the components can be customized to fit your Intranet needs and to incorporate your existing offline data.

Here's what's included in IntraKit v1.0:


WebTime, a Web-enabled timesheet application which allows employees to manage project time from one centralized location.

WebProjects, a Web-based Project Management System. Corporations can utilize the WebProjects system to track initial implementations of Intranet projects. Project milestones, tools utilized in web project development, and direct task feedback can be tracked in the WebProjects application.

WebContact, a standard Contact Management System which allows individuals, departments, or corporations to maintain a list of key contacts.

WebCalendar, an online calendar system for keeping track of all your events and notes for the day.


WebFAQ easily posts answers to frequently asked questions. WebFAQ is a unique way to capture corporate knowledge by making everyone a Web publisher! Every department has someone who is always picking up the phone and answering the same questions over and over again. Wouldn't it be great if they could add this information to the intranet quickly, and post it in an organized fashion that anyone could retreive with a few mouse clicks? WebFAQ is your solution.

WebFeedback, feedback forums for eventual information flow into FAQ systems.

WebTemplates allows custom templates to be utilized in the generation of web pages. The templates are designed with a standard look; any authorized user can create web content to be published through his template.


WebSchedule is useful for scheduling group meetings, conference rooms, and other corporate events.

WebClasses allows you to manage registration and class administration without leaving your browser! An administration screen allows you to add/remove/modify classes. Enrollment screens allow students to check course lists, search through courses, and enroll on-line.

WebTrack, an online problem tracking. WebTrack provides a simple but effective way to track problems in your company. Imagine if anyone could submit a problem report directly in the browser, which automatically notifies the helpdesk. Better yet, imaging if users could go on-line and find their own answers to problems doing simply key-word searches? WebTrack provides all that...and more!

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